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Cheek Lift Surgery / Augmentation

High cheekbones have always been a marker of classic beauty. The reason is one of simple geometry: triangular faces are preferred to round ones. They are perceived as more attractive and beautiful. Two high cheekbones tapering down toward the chin form this triangular shape.

But in reality, most of us aren't born with high cheekbones. In addition, as we age, our faces tend to drop, and what little triangular shape we did have diminishes. Sagging and excess skin, heavy jowls and double chins can round off the bottom of our faces, often making us look older and less attractive.

Cheek augmentation is an effective cosmetic surgical procedure that helps to remedy this condition. Cheek augmentation can give almost anyone beautiful, prominent, high cheekbones. The procedure can be performed several different ways. In one approach, working through the inside of the mouth or the lower eyelid, Dr. Tarshis places a contoured, custom-designed implant above the cheekbone. The implant looks and feels natural. Implants can also be used to fill in a hollow or sunken area underneath the cheek. Another approach involves taking your own fat, from your abdomen for example, or using a safe, synthetic filler and placing it above the cheekbone. This too can create a high cheekbone, but it is not a permanent solution. Some of the fat or filler may be gradually absorbed by the body, and the high cheekbones may diminish. This approach does not offer the permanent benefits of implants, but may still be very effective.

Other procedures that can improve the bottom of the "triangle", such as chin augmentation or fat removal, are sometimes done in conjunction with this procedure to achieve the maximum improvement. During face lift surgery, Dr. Tarshis routinely repositions the cheek fat pads to create naturally higher cheekbones. Altogether, these procedures can make almost anyone's face noticeably more triangular and more attractive.

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