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Chin Augmentation / Cosmetic Chin Surgery

Many people do not realize that they could benefit from chin augmentation (often referred to as cosmetic chin surgery or chin implants) because they rarely see themselves in profile. Whether in a mirror or a photograph, we typically view ourselves only face-forward.

Often, people become motivated to undergo chin augmentation surgery when they happen to catch a glimpse of their profile in a picture. Shocked, they often say, “I never knew I looked like that.”

Anyone can look at a picture of someone's profile and recognize if the chin is too small or underdeveloped. When the chin is undersized, it undermines the entire face. It can often make a nose look larger and more conspicuous. It can make an overbite appear much more pronounced and severe. And many times a double chin may result because the chin is too short.

Chin augmentation is quick and the results are permanent. It can enlarge and improve the contour of almost any undersized or receding chin. There are two popular techniques. If only a small to moderate degree of augmentation is needed, an implant may be used. Dr. Tarshis makes a small incision inside the mouth or underneath the chin, and then creates a small pocket above the chin bone and below the muscle. The contoured implant goes into the pocket, where it will remain firmly in place. Any scar from an incision made under the chin is negligible.

"A primary goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve facial proportion and as a result, improve attractiveness."

In the second approach, an incision is made inside the mouth, and Dr. Tarshis actually takes a portion of the chin bone, moves it forward slightly and secures it into place. There is no visible scarring since all the work is done from inside the mouth. If you feel any soreness or discomfort after surgery, mild medication can control it. You'll be up and around the same day as surgery, although you may need a soft diet for a couple of days. Most people are back to work and their normal activities within a few days. This is one of cosmetic surgery's simplest procedures and it provides immediate, effective results that can last a lifetime.

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