Dr. Lorne M. Tarshis M.D., F.R.C.S.(C), F.A.C.S.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery / Otoplasty

“It's a little change on the outside that can make a big change on the inside.”

Most people who dislike their ears complain that their ears are too large, however, the problem is usually not the size of the ears, but rather that they stick out. In most cases, pinning them back solves the problem completely.

Although there are different approaches to this procedure, the most common method involves reshaping and/or removing some of the cartilage behind the ear. After opening the back of the ear, Dr. Tarshis either removes some cartilage or folds it on to itself and sutures it together. Cosmetic ear surgery reshapes and repositions the ear closer to the head. Since the surgery is done on the back of the ear, any scars are usually faint and are hidden in the creases.

The procedure takes about one hour. After surgery, the ears are covered with a dressing, which is removed within 24 hours. Usually, any soreness or discomfort can be controlled with mild medication. A light head dressing worn during sleep is recommended for a few weeks. Most patients are up and around within a day or two after surgery. This procedure offers dramatic, immediate results that will last a lifetime.

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