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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cosmetic surgery painful?

During the procedure, anesthesia ensures that you will be comfortable and feel no pain. If general or "twilight" anesthesia is used, you will even sleep through the entire operation. After surgery, any discomfort you may experience can usually be controlled through medication and will usually subside within a matter of days.

How soon can I get back to work?

It depends greatly on the procedure, but on average, most cosmetic surgery patients are back to work within 7-10 days.

Will everyone know?

Usually not. Most cosmetic surgery procedures will improve your looks subtly, without attracting excessive attention. Friends may ask if you've been on vacation or are trying a new diet or exercise regime, but typically, they won't know you've had surgery unless you tell them. The ideal surgical result always looks natural, healthy, and beautiful. This is the type of surgery that Dr. Tarshis is known for—plastic surgery that doesn't leave you looking plastic.

How long will the results last?

Procedures that focus on rejuvenation, such as the facelift, forehead lift, laser resurfacing and eyelid surgery can last 5-10 years. Procedures that reshape or correct an imbalance such as liposuction, surgery of the nose, chin augmentation, or cheek enhancement offer permanent benefits that last a lifetime.

Will there be scars?

Yes. Will they be noticeable? Probably not. Using lasers and other sophisticated technology and techniques, Dr. Tarshis will make every efffort to keep scars as minimal as possible and try to hide them in the natural lines and creases of your skin. For the majority of procedures your scars will fade over time and become barely noticeable.

How long will I be staying at the clinic?

Most procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis. If an overnight stay is required, you will be settled comfortably in our recovery room, monitored by a registered nurse dedicated solely to your care.

You will be asked to arrive approximately one hour before surgery to prepare, and you will need to stay a few hours after surgery to recover from the anesthesia. Then you'll be back on your feet, and a friend or relative will be able to escort you out to recover in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

What are the costs?

After years of being perceived as something only for the rich and famous, cosmetic surgery is now being sought by people from all income brackets. In addition to increased affordability, and a variety of payment options, financing is also available. To learn more about current fees for all services provided by Dr. Tarshis and the Institute of Cosmetic Surgery, please call and speak to one of our Patient Care Coordinators who will be happy to help you at 416-926-8122.

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