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Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery That Can Help You Look Younger

There are two basic types of cosmetic/plastic surgery procedures. The first improves parts of the face and body which may be an undesirable shape or size, for example, an oversized nose, ears that stick out or a chin that is too small or too big. The second type of aesthetic plastic surgery focuses on rejuvenation and on minimizing the effects of aging.

Rejuvenation surgery can help people who, for a variety of reasons, may look older than they feel. Often it is a sudden, painful realization. For many women, the aging process accelerates rapidly with the onset of menopause. A woman may wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and feel like her face has fallen down. This is the culmination of something that began many years before. As early as age 25 or 30, the aging process begins its work, driven by very powerful, natural forces: the sun and gravity, and hormones. As the years go by, the skin and soft tissues of the face lose their youthful elasticity. Gravity then pulls the weakened skin downward, more and more as the years go by.

Before long the skin has stretched so much that it becomes too big for the frame it once covered. As a result, bags, wrinkles, pouches and jowls appear on the face and neck. Sometimes it can distort your face so much that you begin to look like a different person, or a tired, older-looking version of your former self. Despite what you hear from the billion-dollar cosmetic industry, there is no potion, cream or medicine in the world that can shrink skin back to its youthful contours. Only cosmetic surgery can make the skin fit the frame snugly once again, and recreate the shape of youthfulness. This, essentially, is the goal of rejuvenation surgery - surgery which can help some people look as many as 10 years younger.

Cosmetic Surgery That Can Improve Facial Harmony and Proportion

For many people, a primary goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve facial and body proportion and as a result, improve attractiveness. A nose that is too large, a chin that is too small, or cheekbones that are too flat can all detract from one's appearance. Features that are out of proportion tend to be considered unattractive, while we tend to describe features that are in proportion as naturally beautiful or attractive. Psychology Today verified these impressions with these data:

  • 60,000,000 North Americans don't like their nose.
  • 30,000,000 don't like their chin.
  • 6,000,000 don't like their ears.
  • And 6,000,000 don't like their eyes.

The good news is, today you can do something about it. Every year, more and more people do. Nose refinements, as well as chin and cheek enhancements, can all produce subtle but definite improvements in our appearance in a very natural way. Every day, more and more people are realizing the benefits of cosmetic surgery. Let's face it, Mother Nature does make mistakes. There's nothing wrong with correcting them.

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