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Cosmetic Laser Surgery

Laser Scar Improvement

Note that the name of the procedure is scar improvement—not scar removal. Nothing can totally eliminate scars, however scars can often be improved in appearance.

There are many different types of scarring (keloid, hypertrophic, depressed, elevated, etc.). For elevated scars, the laser can be used to flatten them down to the level of the surrounding skin. The laser also has a tightening effect, which can reduce the size of the scar.

Laser treatment isn't the only answer for scars though. Depressed or indented scars are best treated with injectable fillers or even your own body fat, harvested from your abdomen or other suitable area.

Occasionally, scar tissue must be excised, and the incision closed with a delicate surgical technique, leaving a much-improved, less noticeable scar.

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